Elena Bajo | The Pleiades (Anarchoreographies)

The Blueproject Foundation is pleased to invite you to Elena Bajo's performance The Pleiades within Abaton, a programme around the idea of imaginary places that gathers different artistic proposals and that will take place at Il Salotto from May 4 to June 7, 2018. Hope to see you all!

Elena Bajo | The Pleiades (Anarchoreographies)

Participating performers: Lucía Jaén, Cristina Morales* and Élise Moreau*. 
*Contemporary dance collective Feminine Sexual Initiative.

→ THURSDAY 17.05.2018 - 8PM

The Pleiades is a star cumulus belonging to a constellation, an imagined and mythicised space that emerged from the human desire to communicate with nature and make sense of it. A space related to dreams, based on a scale and time that go beyond the human ones, a space of projection. The performance is generated by a Manifesto, a cut up text-score-script created by the artist from digital and analogue sources and interpreted by invited performers. Elena Bajo's interdisciplinary approach, Anarchoreographies are non hierarchical trajectories used as a tool to articulate a sense of subjectivity and collectivity and the creation of a space in constant flux. An exploration at the intersection of body movement, chance and muscle memory, undertaking anarchism as artistic strategy, by implementing elements of disentanglement and affects, as a point of dissididence and disruption on contemporary neoliberal choreographies. The public is also invited to take part, simply changing their vertical position of spectator to a horizontal space of shared imagination.


Elena Bajo (Madrid, 1976) is an artist and co-founder of the D'CLUB collective dedicated to climate action. Her artistic practice occurs at the intersection of anarchist thought, social ecology and metaphysics, engaging ideas of nature, and the body as a political and social entity questioning its relationship to ecologies of capital. She works both individually and collectively, using an interdisciplinary approach: architecture, life sciences, forms of movement, acting, choreography, sculpture, text and video. Her performances have been shown among others in Performa Biennial, New York; Sculpture Center, New York; David Roberts Art Foundation, London; A Foundation, London; KAI10 Arthena Foundation, Dusseldorf; s/t, Berlin; Fort de Brussein, Lyon Biennial, Lyon; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Swab Performance, Barcelona; The Box Gallery, Los Angeles; Perform Now, Los Angeles; 18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles; Liste Performance, Art Basel, Basel. 

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